Set for creating ink art paintings "OCEAN"

Specification 20.59.30-001-0143865501-2019 РОСС RU.AM05.H04095

Polina Kamenskaya has already picked matching ink colors for you in this box to create a handcrafted masterpiece easily.

The box consists of:
— Leaflet with instructions and link to a masterclass;
— Grey plastic - 100x70cm;
— Air blower - 1 piece;
— Alcohol Inks - 15ml and 5ml;
— Blending solution -300 ml;
— Super concentrate - 15ml;
— Pipettes - 4pcs;
— Cups - 4pcs;
— Covering film - 1m2;
— Empty bottles for the remaining paints - 2pcs;

The box is suitable for beginners! It's a good idea to spend an interesting time with friends!
Please check the instructions before the use!

Manufactured by private entrepreneur Kamenskaya P.M.
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