Petri 28 "Stormy sky"

Specification 20.59.30-001-0143865501-2019

Art Paints for Petri
Specially created technology for making petri effect in resinю

New unique formula. White color usage is not required now!
The paint is a 100% concentrated pigment. It is not designed for drawing in the "alcohol ink" style due to the glycerin, which impedes its drying out on the surface.

Precautionary measures: it is recommended to work in well-ventilated premises. The product is easily flammable. Keep away from fire and children. Use precisely for its purpose. If the product gets into your eyes, wash them and see a doctor

Storage conditions, expiration dates: can be stored up to 36 months before the opening and 6 months after the opening.

Volume – 5 ml / 15 ml

Manufactured by private entrepreneur Kamenskaya P.M.
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