Blending solution - 200 ml

Specification 20.59.30-003-0143865501-2019

A blending solution with fixing effect: special alcohol-based liquid with ethers, varnishes, and perfumes for drawing in alcohol ink technique. The liquid has fixing properties that provide long-lasting durability of the image.

Medium fixation degree. For better fixation incorporate a Medium liquid (Super-concentrate) into the blending solution. This will allow to save the varnish.

Storage conditions, expiration dates: can be stored 36 months before the opening and 6 months after the opening. Should be kept closed at 5-25°C.

Precautionary measures: it is recommended to work in well-ventilated premises. The product is easily flammable. Keep away from fire and children. Use precisely for its purpose. If the product gets into your eyes, wash them and see a doctor.

ATTENTION! Alcohol molecules could change its size with the temperature fluctuations. The amount of the liquid in the can could vary (preserving the weight). Water condensation is possible if the product is incorrectly stored.

Exp. date - 36 months unopened.

Store at the temperature 5-25°C.

Ingredients: ether, solvent-f, UV protector, varnish, technical alcohol rectified ethyl, light stabilizers.

Volume: 200 & 300 ml

Manufactured by private entrepreneur Kamenskaya P.M.
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